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The virtues of gaming

Gamers take a lot of heat from society. Even though gaming has become a huge industry and entered into the mainstream in many ways, it is still stereotyped as a kid’s pastime with no redeeming qualities. I would like to dispel this image by comparing gaming with a much more accepted pastime: following sports. These two past times have some surprising similarities, but more than that I think gaming is a more worth while pastime when you compare the activities that are involved and the state of each industry. (more…)


Chemical weapons found in Iraq, but not the ones they were looking for

Blowback noun\ˈblō-ˌbak\
: an unforeseen and unwanted harmful consequences, result, or set of repercussions

A New York Times article called “The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons” came out on Oct 14 2014. It has some very significant information in it and, depending on your ability to think, it can be interpreted differently. In short, here are the important parts. 1) Chemical weapons were found in Iraq in the mid-2000s buried in caches and in abandoned warehouses. 2) That information was suppressed by the Bush administration and the Obama administration. 3) Some 2,500 chemical weapons munitions remain unprotected and possibly accessible to ISIS. (more…)

war and peace

Just War Theory cannot fix US foreign policy

The website Rare.us put out an article called “Using Just War Theory would make our foreign policy much better”. It argues that the US gets involved in too many wars and conflicts and that creates more problems in the world. I agree whole-heartedly on this point. It also argues that Just War Theory would fix that problem. Just War Theory has been a sort of long term project of the Catholic Church and other thinkers. It seeks to determine when, from a Christian point of view, a nation may go to war with another. In short, I disagree with the authors conclusion that Just War Theory would prevent needless war. Our problem with immoral wars and foreign policy is not a matter of finding the right set of rules. We have a systemic problem that doesn’t much care for what rules are in place. I think JWT would fail to prevent unjust war like the Constitution has failed to do so.