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Just War Theory cannot fix US foreign policy

The website Rare.us put out an article called “Using Just War Theory would make our foreign policy much better”. It argues that the US gets involved in too many wars and conflicts and that creates more problems in the world. I agree whole-heartedly on this point. It also argues that Just War Theory would fix that problem. Just War Theory has been a sort of long term project of the Catholic Church and other thinkers. It seeks to determine when, from a Christian point of view, a nation may go to war with another. In short, I disagree with the authors conclusion that Just War Theory would prevent needless war. Our problem with immoral wars and foreign policy is not a matter of finding the right set of rules. We have a systemic problem that doesn’t much care for what rules are in place. I think JWT would fail to prevent unjust war like the Constitution has failed to do so.



The Thing about Net Neutrality

In January a Federal appeals court struck down the FCC’c Net Neutrality rules. Since then, there has been a noticeable outcry about how ISP’s, technically, can now legally block, restrict, and even charge more for specific websites. It’s a little more complicated than that, but we’ll get into the details in a minute. If the government is seriously interested in imposing these rules I would say that this ruling will amount to a speed bump. The court said that the FCC does not have the power to impose these rules, but that ISP’s are not currently categorized as an industry that falls under their authority. It could just be a matter of time before the FCC or Congress reclassify ISPs. It must be so annoying for the government to have to jump through a couple hoops before it grabs more power. (more…)

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The Problem with Feminist Terminology

Since this is a post about feminism, I think it would be fitting to have a trigger warning before we get into the meat of the post. Sorry if I offended any vegans out there (Damn it, off to a bad start already!). Ok, I have a lot of criticisms against feminism. This doesn’t mean that women don’t face challenges or discrimination in society. They do and so does every race, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic group that you can think of. (more…)

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What Will Replace the State?

There’s one criticism that statists make against libertarians and anarchists that has teeth. “What will replace the state?” or in other words “what would stop an organization from becoming powerful enough to become a state in a stateless society?” To be honest, I think that if we pushed a magic button that made the US federal, state, and local governments disappear from existence we would see a new government form within a generation or two. Right now the masses of people would rather live under the reign of a government that “protects” their rights, but also violates them… all the time. You know, kind of like hiring a bodyguard that shows up for work, gives you quick right hook to the face, and takes 20 bucks out of your wallet. He then tells you what you can and cannot do for the rest of the day. If you violate one of his rules he takes more of your money or locks you in a cage. For your protection, of course. Sounds dreamy. The only thing that can replace the state is the individual that considers themselves to be the only government that they need. A lone republic, if you will. (more…)


The Thing about Taxation

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Taxes are a big deal. We all pay them at virtually every economic interaction. Some people want high taxes and some people want low taxes. Some people want to tax the rich more and some people want everyone to pay less. Some people want bad health decisions to be taxed more; like soda or cigarettes. No matter where you stand on issues like this there is one thing about taxes that virtually all Americans agree on: Taxes are morally permissible. It is acceptable for your city, state, and the Federal Government to tax you and if you do not pay those taxes for long enough they can put you in jail or prison. This is a big problem, morally speaking.